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Will it be possible to resurrect this blog?

Yes, at least that’s what I hope 😉 It has been a long time since my last post, thousands of things have happened but you don’t wanna read them and I’ve not time… so it would be pointless for me to write a long post 😛

Let’s say that I’ve been graduated and I’m now undertaking a master on Human Computer Interaction at the University of York (I know, I know, I look awful, but that’s how I am).

I didn’t know but this master is bombing my mind with hundred of new ideas every single day… so I will try to post hear every couple of days with my impressions. It will be more like a place for me to clarify my own ideas rather than a useful resource for you to find answers, but hey! It’s my blog 😛

As always, I’ll be more than pleasant to hear from you so… don’t hesitate, comment!

That’s all for now, be happy 😉

I’ve a Space

Several times I’ve said I won’t use MSN Spaces because I don’t like its structure. However, notwithstanding all the times I’ve said that, I’ve opened my own space.

The truth be told I don’t know why. I think it’s due to the last changes in the Microsoft’s policy and its (finally) understanding that they can’t rule the Internet. As a matter of fact, Windows Live Writer and its support for different blogger platforms is a good proof of it.

Be that as it may, now I’ve my own Space and, since now, all the content I will publish here will be also published in the Space.

Does anyone use Spaces? Am I insane?

In Portsmouth… but four hours late

I’m in Portsmouth 🙂 I’ve arrived yesterday at 20:00 more or less which is not a bad time, but I should have arrived at 16:00. This was because I’d to spend four hours settled in my plain waiting for a free slot to take off.

There was a strike of those who control the traffic and just a few plains got permission to take off and hence, a lot of flights were delayed (mine included).

Anyway, I’m now in Portsmouth and I will try to keep everyone updated about my things and to post some tutorials as I do in my Spanish blog.

See you!

Happy New Year!!!

It was a long time since I started with my Spanish blog, but just a few months with my English one. Moreover, I don’t post frequently, and hence, I have just a few visitors (more than I’ve ever expected, the truth be told).

For this New Year I am going to try to post a little bit more and with more interesting contents (bullshit). Will I achieve my goal? We will know it in 365 days and countdown 😉

Happy 7D9!!!

I have a C1!

A couple of weeks ago, I took the IELTS test in order to get a certificate about my level of English.

Well, I have a C1 level, which means that I am qualified to study in almost any University in the UK… cross fingers. The truth be told it is the second higher level you can get. European system has three letters (A, B and C) and two levels in each one, A1 the lower level and C2 the highest.

I really want to improve my English, in fact, that is the reason of this blog, so I will be very happy if you leave a comment correcting this post 😉