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Using WinRT from Winforms

It is beyond doubt that WinRT simplifies the development of our Apps, specially when we’ve to access devices like webcams or gyroscopes. But, is it possible to use these new APIs from our good old friend Winforms or are they restricted to Windows Store Apps?

I don’t know why Visual Studio does not allow you to use them out of the box, but don’t worry cause the procedure to enable that feature is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open your .csproj file with your favorite text editor
  2. Add the following element as a child of the Project element:

That’s it! Now you can open the project with Visual Studio and you’ll be able to add a reference to WinRT:


How to hibernate Windows 8

Windows 8 is Fast and Fluid. It boots much faster than its predecessors, but sometimes you just wanna make it hibernate. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be an option, cause if you try, the option won’t be there

Does this means that Windows 8 doesn’t know how to hibernate? No. It means that the vast majority of the users don’t give a shit about what’s going to happen once they press the power button. They trust the OS to do what’s best for them. However, does who know what hibernate mean might be tempted to use it so, how can we enable it?

We’ll have to go Power Options (you can search of it in de Start Screen under Settings or execute powercfg.cpl):


From there we’ll get into “Choose what the power button does” and then “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.


That’ll allow you to modify the options and there is one for hibernate. You only have to check it and the next time you try to shutdown your machine the option to hibernate will be present.



I’ve to say that the vast majority of the time I only sleep my machines, but if you’re gonna be away from home for a while it might be useful to have the option 😉