Monthly Archives: January 2009

iPhone / iPod Touch Hello World!

For the last few years I’ve been writing apps using Java and C#. Doubtless they’re good and powerful languages, however some tasks need to be performed with different languages.

I’ve bought an iPod Touch this Christmas and obviously I really want to develop my own applications for it but, unfortunately the only way is by using Objective-C.

As a computer scientist I’ve been trained on C++ but that was a long time ago and, the truth be told, just the basic stuff.

Be that as it may, I’ve decided to learn Objective-C and Cocoa in order to develop my own iPhone / iPod Touch applications 🙂 I’ve found some tutorials at the Apple Developer Connection and at other blogs. Notwithstanding my lack of Objective-C knowledge, following the instructions I was able to develop a simple “Hello World!” in a couple of minutes.

Everything was great until I decided to deploy my application into my iPod. I couldn’t. Do you want to know why? Apple doesn’t allow me to deploy my own applications in my own iPod until I pay a developer license, which costs about $100 USD Dollars.

There is only one possible workaround, jailbreaking my device. Unfortunately I’ve a second generation one, and there is no jailbreaking available yet. As soon as I can I’ll jailbreak my device and try to deploy my applications.

What do you think about this Apple behaviour? Will Apple eventually shape up?

I’ve a Space

Several times I’ve said I won’t use MSN Spaces because I don’t like its structure. However, notwithstanding all the times I’ve said that, I’ve opened my own space.

The truth be told I don’t know why. I think it’s due to the last changes in the Microsoft’s policy and its (finally) understanding that they can’t rule the Internet. As a matter of fact, Windows Live Writer and its support for different blogger platforms is a good proof of it.

Be that as it may, now I’ve my own Space and, since now, all the content I will publish here will be also published in the Space.

Does anyone use Spaces? Am I insane?

In Portsmouth… but four hours late

I’m in Portsmouth 🙂 I’ve arrived yesterday at 20:00 more or less which is not a bad time, but I should have arrived at 16:00. This was because I’d to spend four hours settled in my plain waiting for a free slot to take off.

There was a strike of those who control the traffic and just a few plains got permission to take off and hence, a lot of flights were delayed (mine included).

Anyway, I’m now in Portsmouth and I will try to keep everyone updated about my things and to post some tutorials as I do in my Spanish blog.

See you!

Happy New Year!!!

It was a long time since I started with my Spanish blog, but just a few months with my English one. Moreover, I don’t post frequently, and hence, I have just a few visitors (more than I’ve ever expected, the truth be told).

For this New Year I am going to try to post a little bit more and with more interesting contents (bullshit). Will I achieve my goal? We will know it in 365 days and countdown 😉

Happy 7D9!!!