I’m a Fedora user

I’ve been user of Mandrake (now Mandriva) back in the late 90’s. With the millennium change, I also changed my Linux distribution to Debian / Ubuntu. Hoever, I’ve never been close-minded to other distributions and operating systems. Recently one of my friends at AsturLinux was appointed ambassador of Fedora, so I’ve decided to give  it a try.

I started downloading the x86_64 version for my Core2Duo. I don’t know why on earth they hide the 64bits version. I had to browse through the whole FTP to get it. Fortunately that was the only trouble I had to solve.

The installation process was easy and painless. There was no problem with the boot-loader (actually, Fedora found my hackintosh!), and 20 minutes after my system was up and running. It was the first time my laptop could be suspended!

I’ve had some troubles with different applications (like Skype), but it was because I was trying to use 32 bits applications on my 64bits system without the appropriate 32bits libraries. It is really easy to solve… but you’ve to know where is the problem coming from.

Being honest, the only thing I’ve had to change was the size of the fonts, 10p is excessively huge for my 13” laptop screen.

At this very moment I’m writing this on OpenOffice -while listening music on Banshee– and I’ll publish it with Windows Live Writer running on Windows XP inside VirtualBox (which is incredibly fast by the way). Everything on my Fedora 10 without any problem. That’s what I like of Fedora, I do what I want without worries about “how” I want it.

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